About us

LAIER packaging machine company is the professional equipment manufacturer to keep researching and developing the packing machinery for every type of liquid, powder, cream,ointment, fluid and half-fluid etc. materials. The main products range fromordinary pressure filling machine, computer controlled liquid filling machine to powder serial automatically volume-measuring packing machine and inline capping machine, rotary capping machine and labeling machine. aluminum foil sealing machine, printing machine, box machine, conveyor belt, non-standard packaging machinery equipment, etc.

We have a strong capacity to produce precision products , in order to improve the precision of mechanical products, we are equipped with the world advanced processing center, CNC lathes, large surface grinding machine, fast wire, wire, wire walking, and so on, these processing equipmentensure the precision of each parts.

We have made accessories for the world's advanced 3 d printers and cars. we are based on the scientific research strength, products are exported to both developed and developing countries.

Customers' requirements are the business enterprise pursues. we are looking forward to hearing from you. your ideas will be highly appreaciated.